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Disciplinary and grievance issues
If you have been asked to attend a disciplinary meeting at work, we can provide you with advice and support to ensure you understand the implications and what your entitlements are.   If you’re unhappy with an issue at work and are considering raising a grievance, we can guide and assist you through the process and help you achieve a resolution.

Director’s duties and obligations
As a Company Director there are certain duties and obligations that you become responsible for, and that you can be held personally liable for.   We can advise you on your duties and obligations as a Director, and help you minimise your risk and exposure.

Employment tribunal

If you are bringing a claim against your employer, we can provide you with representation throughout the process, including at an Employment Tribunal.  We always provide you with an Early Case Assessment to provide a realistic assessment of your claim, including prospects of success and costs.  We will also use our experience to provide you with strategic advice to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Post termination restrictive covenants and confidentiality

If you are a senior employee, you may have post-termination restrictions in your contract.  These may include clauses for non-competing, non-dealing and soliciting of customers, or non-poaching of staff, and are designed to prevent you joining a competitor or taking customers or colleagues with you when you leave.  We are experts in reviewing restrictive covenants and can provide advice on whether your contractual restrictions are enforceable and how you can manage moving forward.  We can also help you negotiate less onerous terms when you join a new employer.

Settlement agreements

A Settlement Agreement is a legally binding agreement between you and an employer, which sets out the terms you have both agreed to end your employment.  Before you sign a Settlement Agreement you are required, by law, to obtain independent legal advice.  We can help you negotiate the terms of your Settlement Agreement, to maximise what you achieve without unduly restricting your ability to find work in the future.

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