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Health and Wellbeing

Managing absence

Proactive Absence Management (PAM)™
Our Proactive Absence Management (PAM)™ is a unique service combining expertise from across the Loch Associates Group to give you practical and definitive advice on how to manage both long and short-term absences.

Our HR Medical Specialists work on your behalf to identify the root causes of absence, and whether an absence is genuine.  They can provide you with confidential reports providing advice on the best way forward to help you manage the employee with the goal of minimising absences.

They can manage the process for your and  liaise with GPs and other medical specialists.   They are medical experts with experience in HR and understand complex and sensitive medical conditions including mental health issues, cancer or terminal illnesses.  This means they can manage the difficult conversations your managers may not know how to handle.  They can also manage return to work meetings for you, and provide advice on the best way to help get an employee back to work as soon as possible.

Looking after your staff

Wellness checks
As an employer, you have legal duty of care to all your workers.  Increasingly, staff expect you to take proactive steps to do this. You also benefit from looking after your staff’s health by reducing absences and improving productivity.  Our Wellness Checks can help you achieve this.  They give you an insight into the health of your workforce across several key health risks, including cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease.  Your anonymised workforce report allows you to spot trends and develop wellbeing strategies to improve the health of your employees.

Our Wellness Checks not only provide employees with an insight into their own health which they see as a benefit,  but allows employers to take proactive steps to minimise the risk of absences from work through ill-health.

Food and allergy intolerance testing
Food intolerances can affect an employee’s ability to work effectively. Our food intolerance testing can help employees understand what may be affecting them by looking at 57 of the most common foods and allergies. The results can help employers to understand their employee’s health risks and enables you to work together to minimise exposure to allergens at work.

A1C Glucose testing
This quick and easy test provides a result in minutes, showing your employees their risk of developing diabetes.  An early diagnosis means your employees can take control of their health before it impacts on their ability to work.  Not only that, but an early diagnosis can prevent them developing a life-changing disease.

Prostate screening test
An early diagnosis of Prostate Cancer can mean the difference between life and death.  Our Prostate Screening is a quick and easy test which provides your employees with peace of mind. If the results indicate a risk of Prostate Cancer, an early diagnosis allows the best possible chance for successful treatment.

Drug and alcohol testing
Drug and Alcohol testing can be a critical part of your Health and Safety obligations, helping you look after the welfare of your staff at work and comply with your health and safety duties.  Our testing can ensure your employees are fit and safe to work, minimising the risk to your business from employees causing accidents or other damage as a consequence of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol .  We can provide random testing on site, minimising disruption to your business and ensuring the accuracy of results.

First Aid Training

First Aid at Work
As well as meeting your legal obligations, when an employee is injured or becomes ill at work, a First Aider can make the difference between a quick recovery or longer-term health issues.  We provide a range of First Aid training to equip your staff with the skills they need to handle a range of first aid emergencies including CPR, choking, shock and minor injuries, along with more serious conditions including heart attacks, spinal injuries, fractures and anaphylaxis.

Our certified courses provide you with evidence that you are meeting your health and safety obligations, whilst giving your staff the confidence to cope with a first aid emergency at work.

Paediatric and baby first aid
If your staff care for a child or infant as part of their role, our specialist first aid training ensures they meet the standards required by OFQUAL, Ofsted and the CQC.  We can provide a range of courses so your staff can cope in a first aid emergency.  Our courses provide full certification which can be used to demonstrate your employees’ qualifications.

CPR training
Training your staff to administer CPR could mean the difference between life and death. Combined with emergency first aid training, CPR skills give your employees the confidence to cope in an emergency.

AED training
Automated external defibrillators allow your staff to administer a shock to someone suffering from cardiac arrest which can save their life.  AEDs are simple to use pieces of equipment that can improve the survival rates of someone experiencing a heart attack at work.  We can train your staff on when to use an AED and how they work, giving them the confidence to intervene and potentially save a life.

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