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Mediation Services

Workplace and employment mediation

Workplace disputes
A dispute between two colleagues can be disruptive to your business and lead to grievances being raised. Our mediators can step in at the start to help identify a solution that works for all. Mediation can successfully resolve issues in the workplace without formal grievances or disciplinary action being taken – reducing both the time and cost implications for your organisation.

Employment issues
Mediation is a useful tool in managing a range of employment where the employee / employer relationship may be breaking down. The mediation process helps identify the root causes of a breakdown in a relationship to enable both sides to reach a positive and mutually agreed way forward.

Boardroom decisions and conflict
Our mediators can help senior leaders make significant decisions that can affect the future of your business. They can also step into Boardroom conversations to mediate discussions around performance, structure and strategy, minimising the threat of conflict or disagreement.

Commercial Relationships

Commercial disputes
Disagreements between businesses and their suppliers can take a lot of time and energy to resolve, with the threat of litigation an added unforeseen cost. Where a disagreement or dispute occurs, our mediators can step in to manage the situation, providing a forum for open dialogue between both parties. Our mediators can help you successfully resolve disagreements and disputes and minimise the disruption to your business.

Partnerships and Founder relationships
A conflict in the relationship between the partners or founders of an organisation can create a negative working environment for everyone. Our mediators can work with you to resolve the conflict, realign objectives and provide clarity to the leadership of an organisation. We can work with you to make changes to your governance that results in a productive workplace for the whole team.

Shareholder disputes
Disputes between the shareholders of a business can be complex and cover a wide range of issues, and subsequent litigation is costly and damaging to your business. The issues commonly faced involve a dispute between minority and majority shareholders, disagreements over strategy and performance, and conflicts of interest of a shareholder. Using one of our mediators allows shareholders to identify a pragmatic and realistic solution that works for all parties, without disrupting the operations of your business.

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